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Scent: Tobacco, cardamom + cedarwood

Crystal: Vesuvianite


A witch's besom, or broom, is traditionally made from a stout pole with twigs wrapped around the bottom for sweeping. Some people speculate that witches use brooms to fly, but they are more commonly used to sweep and can be used to clear a space or circle before a ritual is performed. Tobacco is a sacred herb for banishing unwanted energy, while also protecting a space. Cedarwood is also used for protection, as well as attracting money & power. Witch's Besom spell jar reed diffuser contains vesuvianite, which is connected to the heart chakra, and helps one balance their emotions.


Each spell jar reed diffuser includes a spell card to activate your jar and fill your space with your intention.


  • Scented with a custom blend of premium fragrance and essential oils


Our 2 oz spell jar reed diffusers will fill your space with fragrance for 3 to 4 months.

Witch's Besom - Spell Jar Reed Diffuser

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