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Scent: Sage, sweetgrass + sweet basil

Crystal: Black obsidian


Smudge is a cleansing blend of sage, sweetgrass and sweet basil. The aroma is very earthy and herbaceous with a subtle sweetness. This diffuser is great for cleansing your space of any unwanted or stale energy. It also makes a great house warming gift for your witchy friends. Sage, sweetgrass and basil have been used for centuries for their protective and purifying properties. Smudge spell jar reed diffuser contains black obsidian, which repels negativity, stale & unwanted energy.


Each spell jar reed diffuser includes a spell card to activate your jar and fill your space with your intention.


  • Scented with a custom blend of premium fragrance and essential oils


Our 2 oz spell jar reed diffusers will fill your space with fragrance for 3 to 4 months.

Smudge - Spell Jar Reed Diffuser

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