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Scent: Strawberry | Cedar

Sandalwood | Rose

Jasmine | Saffron | Patchouli

Herbs: Dressed with rose petals

Crystal: Rose quartz


Maiden, Mother, Crone is a tribute to the triple goddess and the phases of womanhood. This unique candle is divided into three layers, each representing a different aspect of the goddess and the divine feminine.


The top layer is a harmonious blend of the forest's earthy depths and the garden's sweet allure. Sun-ripened strawberries balance perfectly with the rich, woody notes of cedarwood.


The middle layer adds a bit of elegance, with the romantic and intoxicating fragrance of blooming roses and the warm, complex essence of sandalwood.


The bottom layer is a symphony of sophistication.  The sweet fragrance of jasmine is interwoven with the opulent and spicy notes of saffron. As the candle burns, the earthy, rich base of patchouli grounds the experience. This layer honors the wisdom, repose, and reflection that comes with age.


At the bottom of your candle you will find a rose quartz, which will bring you love and compassion.


Scented with a custom blend of premium fragrance and essential oils

Crackling wooden wicks provide a calming ambiance



Each candle is made from a coconut wax blend which ensures a clean long-lasting burn. Our candles are offered in two sizes, 5.7 oz and 8.6 oz.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

  • Burn Time:

    5.7 oz 30-35 hours
    8.6 oz 50-55 hours


    5.7 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 3.3"
    8.6 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 4.3"


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