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Scent: Sandalwood, rose, musk + vetiver

Herbs: Dressed with rose petals

Crystal: Carnelian


This candle is seasonal so hurry and order while supplies last.


Beltane is a celebration of fertility. Practices include: dancing around a maypole, lighting bonfires, and conducting fertility rituals. Bonfires were lit to protect the people, crops, and livestock. After the May Day celebrations, people would take ash or small pieces of wood from the bonfire to light their personal home fires as they had protective powers. Sandalwood has been treasured in the magick community for centuries. It allows you to release what is no longer serving you and aids in personal growth. Rose is a symbol of love, while musk aids in fertility and lust. Vetiver has been used for love, luck and prosperity. At the bottom of your candle you will find a carnelian crystal, which can be used in your craft for confidence, energy & focus.


Scented with a custom blend of premium fragrance and essential oils

Crackling wooden wicks provide a calming ambiance



Each candle is made from a coconut wax blend which ensures a clean long-lasting burn. Our candles are offered in two sizes, 5.7 oz and 8.6 oz.


PriceFrom C$17.60
  • Burn Time:

    5.7 oz 30-35 hours
    8.6 oz 50-55 hours


    5.7 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 3.3"
    8.6 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 4.3"


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