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Scent: Lilac, lilies + ylang ylang

Herbs: Dressed with heather flower

Crystal: Rose quartz


This candle is seasonal so hurry and order while supplies last.


Ostara, also known as spring equinox, is a time of renewal and rebirth. It marks the beginning of the agricultural season and is a great time to plant seeds and do any spring cleaning. Ostara is often associated with the hare, which is a symbol of fertility. My favourite part of spring is the blossoming of fresh lilacs. Lilac is a symbol of wisdom, psychic ability and spiritual development, while ylang ylang is used for peace and relaxation. At the bottom of your candle you will find a rose quartz, which can be used in your craft for self-love, compassion, friendship, and happiness.


Scented with a custom blend of premium fragrance and essential oils

Crackling wooden wicks provide a calming ambiance



Each candle is made from a coconut wax blend which ensures a clean long-lasting burn. Our candles are offered in two sizes, 5.7 oz and 8.6 oz.


PriceFrom C$17.60
  • Burn Time:

    5.7 oz 30-35 hours
    8.6 oz 50-55 hours


    5.7 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 3.3"
    8.6 oz Diameter: 2.9", Height: 4.3"


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